How Does Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Work?

October 4, 2018
Bosch IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

What is Bosch IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment:


Simultaneous interpretation equipment is essential when one is organizing multilingual events and conferences. It makes easy for participants to understand what presenter is saying when speech is in different languages.

Simultaneous interpretation is a unique way of interpreting one language to multiple other languages simultaneously. Simultaneous interpreters convert what is said in real-time without taking a single minute, pauses in conversation. Interpreters use advanced wireless equipment and speak from soundproof cabin called “simultaneous interpreting booth.

History of Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

In 1920, Edward Filene and Alan Gordon Finlay build first simultaneous interpreting equipment and named it “Filene-Finlay simultaneous translator.” It is used to read the texts that had already been translated before the event. It was a big achievement that time because people never thought that “live simultaneous interpretation” could be possible.

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Today:


Today almost all conferences use simultaneous interpretation systems and like to hire professional Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental Company. The thing that you need to know before hiring the simultaneous interpretation equipment provider is – they should be a professional translating and interpreting services company not just an audiovisual company or a videographer.


Usually, professional conference interpretation and translation companies have their own equipment. Make sure you hire the same translation company for purchase and rent of simultaneous interpretation equipment. It will save you lots of time; furthermore, you will get instant support from their side. Silent Equipment Rental is a one-stop solution for Bosch Simultaneous Interpretation System and translation system equipment.

Silent Equipment Rental is the leading translating and interpreting service provider in India that provides high-quality Bosch IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment, delegate mics and voting pads for conferences.

What Simultaneous interpretation Equipment Setups Exist?

Generally, three types of simultaneous interpretation equipment setups used by translation companies; these are:

Permanent installations – This types of simultaneous interpretation systems permanently built, especially use in significant conference centers like UN or parliament. The interpreters work in simultaneous interpretation booths that are small rooms with doors. However, this type of setup is comfortable and convenient but not for everyone.

Portable setups – This is the best type of setup when the event or conference is organized in a hotel or other venues where permanent installations are not available. In those cases, the portable simultaneous booth can be installed.

Portable booths have the same features such as lighting and ventilation, the only difference is portable booth is highly mobile and can be carried anywhere very easily.

Whispering Equipment: This type of equipment contains a wireless handheld transmitter and standard wireless receivers. It is good for the people who travel a lot and not recommended for a standard conference in one room.

Which simultaneous equipment manufacturer should you hire?


There are many simultaneous equipment manufacturers in the market but we find Bosch IR simultaneous interpretation equipment is the best one – because they have a high standard. Their highest quality interpretation equipment is user-friendly and provides great user-experience for interpreters regarding sound quality.

High-quality interpretation equipment is essential to make your event successful and require professional audio equipment and trained technicians as well. Silent Equipment Rental can help you achieve your goal.

Contact us to know more about simultaneous interpretation equipments.

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