• Light weighted and very easy to install
  • Make your event successful
  • Designed to meet future market requirements
  • Language is no boundary at all
  • All languages and interpreter desks can be remotely configured and managed
  • Easy system expansion with wired and wireless units
  • Flexible interfacing with 3rd party devices
  • Technologically advanced interpretation system
  • High-quality audio distribution system
  • Build for real-life needs of interpreters

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Bosch IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

Conduct Multiple Conferences at the Same Time with Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment at Affordable Rates

We all know the crazy feeling we get when we have to organize a corporate seminar or an event to be attended by international dignitaries, delegates or representatives. It can seriously have a havoc on your mental health. There are so many aspects to look into so many logistics to go through and most importantly so many translators in multiple languages to recruit.

However, all your troubles can be taken care of if you decide to hire silent equipment rental’s high quality and high in demand Bosch IR simultaneous interpretation equipment on rent.

What is Bosch IR Simultaneous Interpretation System?

It is one of the highly advanced audio distribution system that makes use of infra-red to transmit data. Suitable for both small as well as large events, Bosch IR simultaneous interpretation system is highly efficient and reliable system that is available at affordable rent at silent equipment system rental.

Whether it is a multicultural conference or a multilingual seminar or even a lavish event for international delegates, our Bosch IR simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals can deliver interpretations in requested language simultaneously. It has a quick recall rate with zero margin for error and 100% accurate translation without losing the meaning of the words.

We aspire to provide only the best to our customers. That is why we work with only the best equipment providers in the industry. And Bosch’s IR simultaneous interpretation equipment with its world class technology and high turnaround has made it a corporate favorite. This supreme class interpretation system provides translation in all popular regional and international languages including Hindi, English, Arab, Spanish, German, French, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Chinese, Urdu and many more.

Here are some distinguishing features of our Bosch IR simultaneous interpretation equipment:

  • Highly advanced digital technology
  • Superior sound quality
  • Zero lighting interference
  • Highly secure infra-red distribution
  • Upto 32 channel selection
  • User friendly interface
  • Attractive design
  • Bosch’s DCN conference system integration available

Our services

Silent equipment rental s a premium provider of high quality language translation and interpretation equipment rentals for corporate events at pocket friendly rates. The company offers round the clock customer support with excellent quality of products and superior technology. Our aim is to provide highly advanced interpretation equipment to small, medium and large sized companies without leaving a huge dent in their pockets.

We Provide Following Equipment System Rentals:

  • Silent conference
  • Digital signage display
  • Voting pads
  • Tour guide system
  • Wireless audio tour guides

Hire silent equipment rental’s premium quality Bosch IR simultaneous interpretation system at affordable rents and never worry about any multilingual or multicultural conferences. Make your corporate event a huge success with or simultaneous interpretation system at par with international standards.

Bookings available in all major cities. Give us a call and rent our high quality Bosch IR simultaneous equipment before the stock runs out. This is one of our most sought after products. So hurry now!

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