Home Audio Guide Equipments
  • Up to 999 pre recordings with 12 foreign language interfaces
  • Affordable audio guide price
  • Each central unit can control functional microphones using the name or desk number of the delegate.
  • Cordless mics that can be shared between 2-3 co delegates with 32 independent channels
  • Enabled with touch screen function
  • Powerful management software
  • Silent equipment rentals delegate mics
  • User friendly interface of 1.8 inch screen display
  • 2GB of in-build data storage space
  • 8 Hours of running time

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Best Audio Guide Equipment in India

Up To 999 Pre Recordings with 12 Foreign Language Interfaces Available at Pocket Friendly Rates

Audio guides are perhaps the most simplest, yet effective method of conducting business, especially if you are in a corporate or touring business. With these prerecorded messages carrying audio guides, one can achieve several objectives-

  1. It is cost effective and pocket friendly.
  2. It is quite simple to use.
  3. It solves the problem of sending lengthy pages, PPTs and personnel for providing information.

One can now simply put on headphones and switch on the audio guides and you will get all the information that was required. With a large interface for 12 foreign languages and up to 1.8 GB storage space, Audio Guide Equipments are something in which every corporate should invest in.

You no longer have to accompany people and take them for one corner to another. You can simply use prerecorded messages to do the same. Touring companies especially can benefit a lot from them while organizing historical monuments tours.

In fact, the directions to employees can also be send via audio guides. You just need to pre-record your message and your employees can play it at the relevant place, be it a corporate event or a corporate tour or even performing some task- the possibilities are endless and investment is quite reasonable.

What the audio guides offer?

  1. Unlimited No. of devices in an event or location.
  2. Rugged and long lasting.
  3. Up-to 9999 Audio clips can be recorded.
  4. Number Button activation.
  5. User friendly interface of 1.8 inch screen display.
  6. 2GB of in-build data storage space.
  7. 12 foreign languages interfaces.
  8. Compact and Stylish design, easy to use.
  9. Running time of 8 Hrs.

With its easy to follow device and simplified format, audio guides are the most relevant and simple technology devices available in the market today. And Silent Equipment Rentals provide one of the Best Audio Guide Equipments in India on rent at affordable prices.

Book your audio guide system now and adapt the latest technology with open arms. Hurry before the stock runs out. For more details contact us now.