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Best Wireless Audience Response Voting Pad System on Rent

The Most Advanced Use of Superior Technology for Engaging Audience in Your Event:

Voting pad system or audience response system is considered to be one of the most popular methods of making a corporate event interesting. As a matter of fact, it is a great tool to engage and interact with your audience and make them feel a part of the event itself.

And thus to make your corporate event a sure shot success and make it more engaging to the audience, Silent Equipment Rental presents high quality voting pad system on rent. With superior quality technology and hi-tech finish, these little stylishly designed devices with LED screens help turn the course of your seminar or product launch or conference.

Here are some obvious benefits of hiring Silent Equipment Rental’s dynamic voting pad system

  • The best thing about voting pads is that it gives you a chance to involve the audience.
  • You can record audiences’ live opinions on the spot.
  • The results get displayed instantly
  • User friendly interface

Our voting pad systems is made with world class technology and deliver instant results with 100% accuracy. With various customization options and high efficiency rate, Silent Equipment Rental’s voting pad systems are currently hot favorite amongst the corporates events world.

Features of our voting pad system

  • The system comes with a respondent Handset, Software along with a Receiver and Power Source: AAA battery
  • 2.4GHz Digital RF Technology
  • 1-2 years battery life
  • Auto setting of questions available
  • Multi report facility and data analysis as per need
  • LCD screen along with answer transmission indicator.
  • Multiple format result display
  • Ten activity modes including normal quiz, elimination etc.
  • PowerPoint quiz support available
  • Integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Support quiz on paper, blackboard, PDF etc,
  • Integrated with whiteboard, tablet, camera

Silent Equipment Rental has so far provided more than 1000 voting pads for various events across the country. Be it a corporate event or a product launch or a medical session or even a school event, our digital wireless voting pad system complete with high power battery backup breathes life into a monotonous event.

Suitable for- breakout sessions, corporate events, presentations, product launches, conferences, medical discussions, training sessions etc.

Set up time– it takes between 10-30 minutes for a Q & A session depending upon their number.

Silent Equipment Rental is one of the leading providers of interpretation and corporate event technological equipment on rent. The company has branches all over the country and is known for its high quality and timely delivery.

If you too wish to make your event an interactive one, then book now our hi-tech voting pad systems.