• Make the event Successful
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Portable short-range wireless system
  • Don’t need special technical knowledge
  • Wireless audio tour guide system
  • Easy-to-use wireless communication system
  • Perfect for tour groups, factory tours, etc.
  • Operates up to 150 - 200 meters
  • Ideal solution to overcome disturbing background
  • High-quality HD sounds

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Best Wireless Tour Guide Communication System

Crystal, Clear Sound Quality Even In the Noisiest Of Backgrounds with Wireless Tour Guide System Equipment Rentals

Have you faced trouble communicating while working in a noisy factory, construction site or a plant? Does your office environment makes it difficult to understand and pass on instructions and information with your colleagues? Are you looking for a smooth flow of verbal communication without any disturbances? And above all, are you looking for a way to delegate work or conduct conferences with your several delegates in multiple locations at the same time?

There is a way- thanks to silent equipment rental of course!

Wireless tour guide system is one way in which you can accomplish all of the above and more and just for a fraction of a price.

Silent equipment rental offers high quality and highly advanced wireless tour guide systems complete with hand held or wireless mic and multiple transmitters. One can easily pass on information and hold meetings in a noisy factory or plant irrespective of the loud noise. Our superior quality tour guide system offers clear sound quality within the office perimeter.

Features of our 9th generation wireless tour guide system

  • Single wireless unit
  • 4ghz design
  • 18 month warranty period including parts coverage as well as functions
  • High sound clarity quality
  • World class audio technology
  • Light carrying case
  • Easy mobility
  • Durable quality
  • 40 channel availability enabling group mobility
  • Hand free transmitters and headsets


Silent equipment rental offers excellent sound quality and promises smooth flow of communication making it easier for you to conduct product tours, meetings and delegate instructions. As a matter of fact, one can use our wireless tour guide system for explaining prouct features to multiple individuals at the same time. In fact we also provide prerecorded audio tour guide devices that offer upto 999 recordings with 12 language interface.

We offer

  • 1 way tour guide system
  • 2 way tour guide system
  • Audio tour guides

Choose the wireless tour guide system as per your requirement. If you wish to simply explain and narrate instructions to your delegates, then 1 way tour guide system is advisable. However if you wish to have a 2 way communication and hold group meetings where employee input is also required, then 2 way tour guide system is your best bet. And if you wish to save time and simply offer prerecorded product and factory turns to your employees or visiting delegates, then audio tour guides are available. And you can rent all these and more at affordable rates from silent equipment rental.

We are premium providers of high quality interpretation and corporate technological equipment rentals pan India. We have provides our services for a variety of high profile events in the past and our equipments have always been rated as high in quality and service.

We also offer Bosch IR simultaneous interpretation system, silent conference system, voting pad system as well as digital signage display. Hire silent equipment rental’s hi-tech wireless tour guide system and enjoy crystal, clear sound even in the loudest of places.