Home RF Interpretation Equipment
  • Light weighted and very easy to install
  • Make your event successful
  • Designed to meet future market requirements
  • Language is no boundary at all
  • All languages and interpreter desks can be remotely configured and managed
  • Easy system expansion with wired and wireless units
  • Flexible interfacing with 3rd party devices
  • Technologically advanced languages translation interpretation system
  • High-quality audio distribution system
  • Build for real-life needs of interpreters
  • Affordable Simultaneous Translation Services

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Best Language Translation Equipment Services

Accurate Interpreting Services with High Quality Equipment at Affordable Rates

Does a grand multilingual conference gives you nightmares? Does the organizational costs of a multicultural event of such mammoth makes you break out in sweats?

Well, it is time to put a full stop on your worries and rent silent simultaneous translation equipment rentals and high quality RF Interpretation system.

A good simultaneous interpretation system can make your lives easier by providing 100% accurate interpretation in any requested language and doesn’t change the meaning of the words during translation. And this is exactly what silent equipment rental company does. Our firm is a premium provider of interpretation and language translation services equipment rentals at affordable rates.


Our premium range of RF Interpretation equipment is made with the latest technology and offers superior listening experience with focus on crystal, clear sound quality. Our efficient team of trained interpreters can perform translation in any requested language including English, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Tamil, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, you name it we got it!

With the aid of RF Interpretation equipment, you can get simultaneous interpretation services in several languages at the same time. This is the most distinguishing feature of our product. Our hi-tech language translation equipment offers wide variety of benefits. Take a look.

  • Cost effective as you don’t need to organize, recruit dozens of systems and translators. Our language interpretation system is enough to take care of all this and more.
  • Saves time as you no longer have to ponder over the logistics and extensive planning. Our professional simultaneous interpretation services team takes care of everything for you.
  • State of the art infrastructure at your fingertips because now you can make use of our highly advanced technology at affordable rates without even investing anything! All you need to pay is the rent, that’s it.

Here Are Some of Its Unique Features:

  • RF stereo transmitters are used for Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Advanced modulation system and built-in PLL frequency
  • Well-shielded, compact structure & small size
  • 40 channels pre-fixed for interpretation functionality
  • Good timbre, wide dynamic state & steady carrier frequency
  • RF output power may be adjustable continuously between 0.5-15W


Hire our quality RF Interpretation equipment on rent and revel in the glory of organizing a multilingual event with success! Bookings open now. Branches in all major cities. Call us now to get best deals on professional language translation equipment.