Home Delegate Mics
  • Wired and wireless mic systems
  • Make your event successful
  • Perfect for conferences and board meetings
  • Enabled with volume control, push-to-talk button and a light signaling
  • Push-to-talk conference microphone system
  • Designed for panel discussions at conferences and board room meetings
  • Deliver perfect speech to audience
  • High-quality conference microphone systems
  • Cordless and can be easily shared with a co delegate
  • Can be controlled with single functional unit

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Best Delegate Mics on Rent

Great Acoustics with Zero Resonance Enabling Smooth Communication at Affordable Rentals

Are you facing trouble listening to your seniors in a corporate seminar? Does the poor acoustics of the venue interfere with your plans? Have people been complaining about not having properly working mics? It is time to do away with the old and welcome the new- hire Silent Equipment Rental’s high quality Delegate Mics that comes with functional features.

Now you simply need to rent our delegate mics and excellent speaker management system and never face trouble due to poor acoustics or resonance. We offer world class delegate mics with latest technology imbibed in them for your various events, seminars, board meetings, hotel events etc.

In fact, our premium range of functional microphones offer an additional range of features that are not found in regular delegate mics.

For example-

  • The special functional features provide unique privileges to delegates including ‘Chair’ for chairman microphones.
  • ‘Key’ whereupon delegates themselves activate their microphones by pressing their microphone buttons.
  • ‘Operator’ where the microphones of more active delegates are activated by the operator and many more features.


Features of delegate mics & speaker management system

  • Each central unit can control functional microphones using the name or desk number of the delegate.
  • Cordless mics that can be shared between 2-3 co delegates with 32 independent channels
  • Separate transmitting frequency for each microphone.
  • touch screen function.
  • powerful management software.


Get excellent sound quality with zero resonance and powerful acoustics- all with Silent Equipment Rentals Best Delegate MICS on Rent at affordable price.

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